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Low Vision Products

Handheld Video Magnifiers

Zoomax's series of handheld electronic magnifiers are designed for people at home and on the go. They are light and properly sized for pocket. With the features of crispest image and easy-to-use priority, Zoomax handheld video magnifiers are quite popular in the market, especially the Snow family products.

Desktop Video Magnifiers

Full A4 size page reading, high definition camera with extremely crisp image, wide screens, multi practical functions…, using Zoomax desktop video magnifiers for deeper reading, daily tasks performance or children funny pictures appreciation, you deserve better life.

Portable Video Magnifiers

If you are a student or people who need to see far and close clearly and take out conveniently, Zoomax offers ideal portable video magnifiers for study and work. These kinds of blackboard and page magnifiers can be connected to laptop, desktop computer, or different sizes of monitors.