Snow S Reading Stand
Apply to Snow S - 4.7″ Handheld Video Magnifier with Speech Function
Snow S reading stand is a reading auxiliary specially designed for Zoomax Snow S. It provides stable reading experience and enables more content on display at the same magnification as your eyes strain eased.
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Snow S reading stand is designed on the human-oriented basis.

It is reversible to use and has both sides hollowed to enable the camera using of Snow S. The height of reading stand will ease the pressure of neck when reading.

Considering the use of OCR/TTS (Text-to-Speech) of aged users, who might have their hands quivered when capture the text and affect the speech effect, this reading stand can avoid shakes and allow a normal use of OCR/TTS.

Tailored Reading Stand of Snow S

Excellent display quality

Using the reading stand will not affect reading experience. The image on display will keep sharp as the distance between device and reading material gets bigger. The screen shows no dim edge.

Easy install and detach

Snow S reading stand is not only for lifting the device; it can also fix the device on it and ensure the handheld magnifer not fall down from the stand when held high. Put the device on the stand, slightly press to install. And you can start reading in a fine position. It is easy to detach it from unit too. 


Dimension: 165.3 * 85.3 * 48mm

Distance between camera and reading material with Reading Stand: 30mm

Magnification of Snow S when using Reading stand: 2.1x - 8.5x

Magnification of Snow S without Reading stand: 4x - 17x

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