Snow S
4.7″ Handheld Video Magnifier with Speech Function
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Zoomax Snow S is the upgraded version of best-seller Snow 4.3″. Integrating HD camera, HD screen and OCR/TTS technology, Snow S is the first 2 HD handheld video magnifier with 4.7″ display. Sustaining Snow's high stability, Snow S gives visually impaired people a better reading experience. An exclusive choice for people with AMD, Glaucoma, Macular degeneration, Retinitis pigmentosa!
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The first and the only handheld magnifier with HD Camera, HD Screen and OCR/TTS function

Being equipped with HD camera and HD screen, Snow S shows you vivid color of the photo in full color mode and sharp contrast colors.

Snow S shows no ghost while moving.

Snow S shows excellent display quality for visually impaired people

Embracing the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Text-To-Speech (TTS) features, Snow S can recognize regular printed characters from short texts & numbers and read it out aloud for you. It enables the visually impaired to read materials with less content in daily life such as label, business card, pill bottle, price tag, receipt, etc. 5 languages are available for your choice.

OCR and Text-to-Speech function of Snow S enables you to recognize contents easily

Human-centered design provides the comfort of operation

-    Adopt the standby mode

      Save power and avoid frequent turn-on/off of the device.

-    USB Type-C port offers reversible plug orientation

      Easily insert the cable with either side facing up to charge your device.

     Snow S with standby mode and USB Type-C design

-    Flexible writing stand provides the signature possibility

      Use the writing stand to sign the receipt, document, etc.

     Snow S with Writing Stand

More contents to be viewed by using tailored Reading Stand

Snow S provides you a tailored Reading Stand as standard configuration to meet different needs of users. Utilizing the Reading Stand, more contents can be read under the same magnification level. Since the Reading Stand can raise the reading height, to a certain extent, it could ease neck strain. In addition, worry less about hand tremor and enjoy using OCR/TTS (Text-to-Speech) function by easily freezing the image with the use of your Reading Stand.

Tailored Reading Stand of Snow S


● OCR/TTS (Snow S non-speech version can be customized as required.)

● 5 languages preset (More languages will be installed over time.)

● 2 HD image quality

● Standby mode to save power

● USB Type-C port for reversible plug orientation

● Favorite color modes

● Real-time crisp image freeze

● Intelligently memorize the most recent settings (e.g. color mode, magnification, button beeps, brightness)

● Power saving after no operation in 3 minutes

● Connect to TV, support PAL/NTSC

● Tailored Reading Stand


Magnification4x ~ 17x (without reading stand) / 2.1x ~ 8.5x (with reading stand)
Display modes10 modes Snow S color mode
FocusAuto focus
Screen4.7″ widescreen TFT LCD
Screen resolution1280x720p
Camera5 megapixels
Camera resolution1280x720p
Power saving modeEnter into standby mode automatically when it has not been used for 3 minutes
BatteryRechargeable lithium battery of around 3.5 hours continuous use; 4 hours charging time
Power adapter
Weight4.9 ounces (without battery)
Dimensions160mm x 80mm x 24.8mm
Operation and storage condition
Humidity< 70%
Temperature10-40 ℃

Zoomax Snow S handheld video magnifier operating instruction
Zoomax Snow S - The first OCR and text-to-speech handheld video magnifier in 2 HD
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